At Fountain of Life Healing School we teach groups, lead retreats,
and do individual coaching, on the subjects of physical, emotional
and spiritual health.
Classes are often broadcast via internet radio, where they are archived for ease of listening in each persons time zone.
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Since applying what Donna taught me regarding cataracts I have been given a clean bill of health from my eye doctor. She says I no longer have cataracts. It is great to see colors clearly again.
Wow, Donna,

I am so happy,

The chronic neck
and hand pain that I had is gone.

I am also enjoying greater energy
and am being able to be active for
longer in the day, and have
noticed a lift in my mood.

I'm so thankful for what I've
learned through FOL.

Portland OR
As a result of a
lifelong phobia,
I was unable to
use a public

We do individual coaching over the phone.
I had an MRSA infection
from the top of my head to
my ankles. The doctors said
they had done all they could
for me. I was miserable. My
skin was oozing and itchy,
and I felt short of breath.
It was scary.

A friend sent me to FOL
where I learned about natural options for eliminating

I was able to put together my own self-treatment and the
result is that within a few
months I was totally free of MRSA. I have a doctors
report to prove it.

I couldn't be happier,
Northern California
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Fountain of Life is a non-profit corporation, operating for the benefit of all those who need the help we provide, but are unable to pay a fee. We depend on donations from like minded, and like hearted, people. We hope you will kindly consider us, as you make choices about who you desire to support. Please read the Testimony and Endorsement pages for insight into the benefit of what we do.
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I am a graduate of Global College of Natural Medicine and have
certificates in Lymphology, and G-Jo Acupressure, as well as EFT.
I have over thirty years of natural health research experience. Over
those years, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding
the human body and how to support it in its efforts to sustain good

In addition, I am a Christian and I have a foundational understanding
of healing as a benefit of being a believer in Christ. I, myself, was
miraculously healed after many years of incurable illness.

At Fountain of Life Healing School, we teach groups and also do
individual coaching on the topics of physical, emotional and spiritual
My Name is Donna Crow and I am the Director of Fountain of Life
Please Note: Fountain of Life classes and coaching are educational experiences and are not to be mistaken for medical or psyhological, counseling or treatment. Some people may find Foutain of Life classes or coaching too physically or psychologically challenging. In case of doubt we recommend that a physician be consulted. Fountain of Life is not responsible for injury or loss arising in connection with class or coaching participation. Fountain of Life reserves the right to cancel events at any time. Fountain of Life cannot be held responsible for any accidental damages or injuries caused by actions contrary to our stated policies. All participants must sign a client release form before they can participate in classes. Look for client release form link on home page.
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As you can imagine, that greatly limited my life.

I did one session of EFT with Donna and, much to my joy, I was totally set free from this phobia. As a result, I was able to take a recent job offer, and have been able to use the public restroom.

I'm very grateful,
Prescott Valley, AZ