Something happened when you prayed.

Question: What was it?

Answer: You were reborn.

Question: What does that mean?

Answer: It means that the inner "you" who is a spirit that lives in your body now, and continues to live when your body ceases to function (dies), the always living, eternal "you," got a do-over. God remade your spirit and He made it perfect and sinless. If you prayed that prayer with your heart then you, the spirit, were made whole again.

You were transferred from the dominion of darkness to the dominion and Kingdom of Heaven.

The Source of all made you so clean that He can now reside in you without destroying you by His perfection (not because God is an evil destroyer, but because spiritual darkness is destroyed by God's light--like sunshine destroys bacteria and mold by its very presence.) In order for you to be restored to a living relationship with God where you can enjoy His presence you needed to be freed of imperfection, not in your body, but in your spirit.

The Source of all life, light and love, the Creator, gives new life, light and love--eternally--to all those who choose His gift, as you have.

Those who reject the Creator's gift of life remain in spiritual darkness, separated from love, hope, joy, freedom and true pleasure (because they are separated from God who is the source of all those things). . . forever. The God of all love is rejoicing over you that you have chosen true freedom, and have been made new.

If you died today you would go directly to Heaven. What ever kingdom you die in, is the one you stay in. If you prayed that prayer from your heart, you have been transferred to the Kingdom of light and will go there instantly when you die.

And there is MORE GOOD NEWS.

Jesus said, "
I came that you might have life, and that more abundantly." He came for us to be restored both spiritually and physically. He demonstrated God's desire to do so by healing all those who came to Him, by supernaturally feeding people, by demonstrating and teaching truth, such as "All things are possible to him who believes," and "I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy."

These are radical statements, backed by the power of Heaven. Those of us who have taken Him seriously and have believed His words, have seen the miraculous occur in our lives. We have seen miraculous healing, miraculous leading, miraculous instruction, miraculuous provision and more.

We have seen that Jesus' words are true and all things
really are possible to the person who believes.

I encourage you to find out what Jesus purchased for you when He died in your place. Find out what belongs to you as a reborn, righteous, sinless spirit. Get to know God personally.

If you are not sure where to start, go here: Start

Where it says, "Contact Us," do so, and begin asking questions.

If you don't have a Bible and want to know what it says about Jesus, or what Jesus said about Himself, you can go here: The Bible Online, and read for free.

It is best to start with the New Testament. This is the part that is all about Jesus. It is an historical account of His birth, life, death and resurrection from the dead, all by eyewitness who personally knew Him. His life is also verified by other historical records outside the Bible.

Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell for more info.


What didn't happen, is that all the history of your life, stored in your body and your brain was not erased, nor was it restored to perfection, like your spirit. What that means is that, though you know, that you know, that you know, that you are different in a seriously good way since you prayed, you also know that something is still wrong. That wrong is that your body isn't lined up with your spirit.

What that means is you now have a choice to make, on a daily basis. Either walk from your old history and habit of life, dominated by your senses and your physical body desires and emotional impulses, OR you can learn to walk from your new spirit man and live a supernatural life, filled with the presence of God and His help, direction, provision and satisfaction. As you do that your physical body will literally change and you will become freer and freer in your emotions and responses and understanding.

In order to live from your spirit you will need to walk by faith. This is how you live out of your spirit. For help with that, go HERE. Church of the Harvest.

And HERE. Keith Moore Ministries
And HERE Bethel Church in Redding California
Life with Jesus is profoundly satisfying. Life without Him is Hell.
I encourage you to press in and get to know Him well. He loves
you more than anyone ever can or will.